• Orange Côte d’Ivoire contracting Pixafrica for its TV and VOD offer

    Eager to present a high quality offer, the operator called on Pixafrica to design and implement a unique solution for transporting TV streams over the Internet. As for the Video on Demand offer, Pixafrica is in charge of video content's preparation for publication on the Orange Côte d'Ivoire platform.
  • Pixagility’s Hub is extending its global presence with a new point of presence in Canada

    Based in France, pivot of the world’s Francophone community, Pixagility continues to develop its international footprint in French-speaking areas and has now a new point of presence in Canada at 151 Front Street data center in Toronto.
  • Pixagility & Pixafrica take charge of CNBC AFRICA in Africa for CANAL+ INTERNATIONAL

    CANAL+ INTERNATIONAL has entrusted Pixagility and Pixafrica with capture and delivery of the CNBC Africa channel available in the LES BOUQUETS CANAL+ "EVASION" offer in Africa.
  • Pixagility and Pixafrica broadcast PASSIONS TV and SAVANNAH TV in Africa

    Since early 2017 there are two new TV channels in the African audiovisual landscape: Savannah TV and Passions TV.
  • Video contents management

    Pixagility is one of the main centers of expertise for the preparation and processing of your audiovisual content.
  • HUB

    With its points of presence in key DataCenters (Telehouse2 Paris, Telehouse North London, NPC1, Interxion ...) Pixagility is interconnected with leading TV channels and is positioned at the heart of the international audiovisual ecosystem. The Pixagility teleport, with a high availability live headend, enables capture, processing and distribution of more than 10,000 European, African and Middle East TV channels.
  • IP Transportation

    Thanks to its innovative technical solutions, particularly in video transport over Internet, Pixagility routes, all over the world, TV channels from TF1, M6, Al Jazeera, Orange, Motors, Fox, NBCU and AB groups. Our solutions are particularly attractive for live stream's broadcast, live events like sports events.
  • Playout

    Pixagility offers a playout service based on the latest technologies and a professional operating service available 365 days a year.
  • VOD – Catch up TV

    Pixagility is one of the leading expertise center in Europe for transcoding and publication for VOD and catch up TV. We prepare video contents and ensure publication to all platforms on the market. Our client interface facilitates order processes and automates media recovery, processing and operations monitoring.

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