Thursday January 23rd, 2014

NCTV is a TV channel, broadcasting 24/24 since December 2013 on DTT in New Caledonia.

NCTV naturally chose Pixagility in order to outsource its playout service and its delivery. Since the channel’s launch, Pixagility is in charge of programs’ recovery and their 24/7 live broadcast on DTT in New Caledonia.

Furthermore, to ensure technological and technical consistency between the two organizations, Pixagility decided to train a part of NCTV teams on making playlists and the channel’s programming.

About NCTV: NCTV is a free Caledonian TV channel that broadcasts all kinds of programs for everybody: movies, TV drama, news, music, cartoons…
About Pixagility: Pixagility is an innovative multi-services digital platform that helps its clients to optimize the value of their video contents. Pixagility works with TV broadcasting companies, telecom operators, internet operators and any companies which own video contents.