HUB – Headend

With its points of presence in key DataCenters (Paris, London, Toronto, Moscow, Abidjan …) Pixagility is interconnected with leading TV channels and is positioned at the heart of the international audiovisual ecosystem.

The Pixagility teleport, with a high availability live headend, enables capture, processing and distribution of more than 10,000 European, African and Middle East TV channels.

Capture TV channels and programs from all kind of sources

Access to thousands of TV channels

Encoding, encryption, blacken, time-delay recording and trimming services

Operation: 7/7/365

Our infrastructures & resources

  • In datacenters with teleports.
  • Backhaul of TV channels and programs through satellite, terrestrial and optical fiber.
  • Industrial solutions for encoding and video processing.
  • Secure transport on internet with a high quality of service.
  • Monitoring 7/7.
  • Global connectivity with French and international operators (video, IP).
  • IP backup solutions, including optimized internet delivery.