VOD – Catch-up

Pixagility is one of the leading expertise center in Europe for transcoding and publication for VOD and catch up TV.

We prepare video contents and ensure publication to all platforms on the market.
Our client interface facilitates order processes and automates media recovery, processing and operations monitoring.
Multi format Transcoding for all VOD platforms and Catch Up TV.

Industrial production

Capture and recording TV channels,

 trimming/content editing

Subtitles management, DRM management.

Our infrastructures & resources

  • 60 encoding production lines available.
  • Transcoding capacity of 1,000 hours a day.
  • DRM Server.
  • Digital Asset Manager (DAM) for operation and supervision (indicate the files’ status at any time – information available for customers).
  • Connectivity with 30 facilities houses and VOD / catch-up distribution platforms.
  • Operation and supervision: 365 days a year.